>Rolling Stones beidzot parādījies solists ;)

> Šis arī mazliet no tās pašas operas (ja patīk – sameklē arī Pirāti Dženiju (Pirrate Jenny) (Nick Cave, Shilpa Ray) no šī paša diska)

> After a rain in New York all the dogs that got caught in the rain, somehow the water washed away their whole trail and they can’t get back home so about 4 in the morning you see all these stranded dogs on the street and they’re looking around like – won’t you help me get back home, sir, please – excuse me sir – excuse me sir – can you help me find my way back home – all makes and models, the short ones, the black ones, the tall ones, the expensive ones, the long ones, the disturbed ones, they all want to get home. (TW)

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